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05 March 2010

IBM demonstrates Ubiquisys IMS femto at CeBIT 2010

IBM has been demonstrating Ubiquisys femtocells at CeBIT this week, as part of its NGN "Smart Networks" convergence solution for enterprises.

Ubiquisys is the sole provider of IMS femtocells, which have been commercially proven at innovative operator SoftBank in Japan.

The Ubiquisys enterprise femtocell represents a new kind of solution for enterprises of all sizes. Instead of manual radio planning as a one-off exercise, the femtocell protects business customers from this cost and complexity by contstantly scaning its environment and adapting its configuration automatically. Add more femtocells and they start to work together, communicating over the LAN to create a self-organising network (SON). This "breathing" femto network immediately responds to local capacity demands and to any changes in the macro network.

You can see the Ubiquisys femtocell in action in the picture above (it's the tiny device on the left - click for a larger image).