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15 May 2009

Chameleon Points to the Future

Why did the announcement of Intrinsyc’s UX-Zone “chameleon” femto application generate so much interest? I think there are several reasons, and they point to the new ways we will use our mobile phones in the future:
  • Touch-Screen Potential – Phones with large touch screens are a blank canvas for multiple experiences: home, mobile, work, retail, and so on. But until now it has been all about personalising one screen, not using multiple screens with different functions according to location. It’s a new way of thinking about interface design.
  • Open Handset OS – The Android operating system from the Open Handset Alliance is specifically designed for complete customisation. Intrinsyc made full use of these features when developing UX-Zone, demonstrating the power of the original Google vision.
  • Femtocell Automation – Clever features and endless options for customisation usually lead to complex products that most people don’t have time to learn or use. But femtocell presence triggers hide all of this complexity, making all location-based changes automatic. This leaves users with a simple , fun and useful experience rather than the fiddly apps that never make it beyond a narrow niche.
It’s amazing seeing it in real life. You feel like there’s a whole world of opportunities opening up in front of your eyes. Imagine this chameleon experience not just in the home; but also as you move between small “femto” cells in your everyday life, whether the office, stores, cafes, railway stations, airports, museums etc. The list is endless (well almost).