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07 February 2009

TDC in Denmark go public on their femtocell plans

For those who had wondered whether femtocells would ever happen, the proof is steadily emerging. We are finally begining to see the results of years of work in the background developing, testing and deploying the technology, and of course the creation of the service bundles that make it attractive to consumers.

The US has been a hot bed of Femto activity with Sprint and Verizon launching 2G bundles, and rumors of AT&T not far behind with a 3G solution. We also have had Softbank in Japan announcing their commercial launch this month (with our femto) and Starhub in Singapore. Now we have TDC in Denmark announcing their plans (again using the Ubiquisys femtocell).

The good news is there are many more to come so for me personnally having dedicated four and half years of my life to making both Ubiquisys and the Femtocell industry a success it's very satisfying. It also means I finally have mobile phone coverage at home.