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10 December 2010

SoftBank Japan Pioneers Satellite Femtocell for Rural Coverage

A couple of weeks ago at a conference in Thailand, Yoshihito Shimazaki, Deputy Division Head of the Mobile Solution Division at SoftBank Mobile in Japan, presented a revolutionary new satellite femtocell solution for rural coverage.

You can see highlights of the presentation, plus photos of the deployed femtocells at [Ubiquisys | The Femtocell Blog]

07 December 2010

Ubiquisys Snap-on Femtocell Device: A New Way to Integrate with your Home Gateway

Until now, all deployed femtocells have been supplied as separate devices, even though femtocells integrated into home gateways have been available for some time. Now that SFR in France has announced a snap-on femtocell module as an accessory for its latest home gateway, it’s a good time to examine this new concept in femtocell design.

View our infographic to get a better idea of exactly what a snap-on Ubiquisys femtocell device is and what it can do...[see it full size at Ubiquisys | the femtocell blog]

03 December 2010

What is an enterprise femtocell?

Unlike residential femtocells, which are now being rolled out across the world, enterprise femtocells are still the subject of much anticipation, mixed with confusion and misunderstanding. So here’s an attempt to shed some light on this new application for femtocell technology...

[Read more at Ubiquisys | The Femtocell Blog]

02 December 2010

WiFi Hotspot Smartphone Hack: An Opportunity For Femtocells?

Last week the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones announced that since being hacked, he was turning off WiFi on his iPhone. This article not only illustrates the dangers of WiFi hotspots for unsuspecting users, it also explains the emerging use of femtocells for simple yet secure public hotspots. As Rory himself states.....
[read more at Ubiquisys | The Femtocell Blog]