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03 March 2009

Femtocells in Asia

As many of you will be aware, late last year SoftBank Mobile was the world’s first operator to announce a mass-market commercial launch of 3G femtocells using our ZoneGate device and IMS infrastructure from NEC.

Asia is currently a hotbed of femtocell activity with Singapore’s Starhub also recently announcing a commercial pilot deployment and a number of other operators having advanced initiatives in the space.

Later this month I’ll be travelling to Japan for the Femtocells Asia Conference, where I will be presenting on The Business of Femtocells. It was announced earlier today that SoftBank will be demonstrating their commercial 3G femtocell at the conference using the Ubiquisys ZoneGate – the first public event of its kind to have femotcell enabled 3G coverage - so it’s set to be an exciting and informative show.

I’ll be blogging from my trip and will bring you details of my thoughts on the conference and the state of the femtocell industry in Asia.