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24 March 2009

Commercial Femtocell Spotted at Tokyo Conference

I'm in Tokyo this week speaking at the Femtocells Asia conference.

When I arrived, mobile operator SoftBank had set up a display to demonstrate Ubiquisys-made femtocells working with a range of their mobile phones.

I took this (poor) picture because it captures an important moment.

Why? Because this femtocell is the real thing:
  • It's a commercial femtocell, not a vendor prototype - a boxed product that ran off the Ubiquisys production line at Sony.

There are doubters here that UMTS femtocell systems are commercially ready. Well here's conformation that ours is at least, which probably comes from being the first to start.

My speech at the conference was about business femtocells, something I'm very passionate about. I'll let you know shortly how it went.