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01 April 2010

How will free femtocells affect global femto forecasts?

The $100 wholesale price for femtocells has long been described as an industry milestone, because it enables operators to offer femtocells for free with existing services.  That’s why we took the unusual step of going public as soon as we had won our first contracts at sub-$100.

But what effect will this have on the adoption of femtocells?  All of the current market forecasts are based on a wholesale price of $150-$250, a price point that requires operators to charge for femtocells.  A free femtocell offer that provides a premium mobile experience will be compelling to many times more consumers.  Will this accelerate and amplify the femtocell adoption curve?

I raise the question because free femtocells are already beginning to appear (see my last post SoftBank offers free femtocells).