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05 June 2009

New Femtocell Reference Book

Femtocells are not just a new type of device, they change traditional technical boundaries and they open new commercial models for mobile.

There have been some good introductions to femtocells, such as David Chambers' Femtocell Primer, but what has been missing is a comprehensive reference covering both technology and commercial aspects in detail.

Enter the unambiguously-titled "Femtocells - Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Technology", available now for pre-order at Amazon.

The book examines the market, exploring commercial and technical factors which are critical in the initial deployment and long-term success of femtocells. Business, standards and regulatory aspects are also considered to provide a complete but concise overview.

  • One of the first authoritative texts to concentrate on femtocells
  • Written by expert authors from industry including leading analysts, femtocell and system vendors
  • Covers both technology and business aspects in detail
  • Provides overview of the relevant standards across WCDMA, LTE, CDMA, WiMAX and GSM air interfaces.
The authors of the book are all acknowledged femtocell experts, including Ubiquisys guru Andrea Giustina.