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26 June 2009

Femtocell Industry Awards 2009: NEC and SoftBank recognised, Ubiquisys the Common Factor

My warmest congratulations at the Femtocell Industry Awards last week went out to NEC and SoftBank, mainly because both are part of an ecosystem that relies on Ubiquisys femtocells.

NEC won the award for Progress in Commercial Deployments. This recognised NEC's strong traction in the market. NEC has secured an impressive number of commercial contracts and has many live trials underway with operators around the world. All of these utilise Ubiquisys femtocells.

SoftBank won the award for Social Vision – the use of femtocells for social, economic or environmental development. Their Niimi project illustrates how femtocells can be cost-effectively deployed to deliver services in rural environments where existing coverage is limited. SoftBank's commercial deployment uses Ubiquisys femtocells supplied through NEC Japan.